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In the past few days, I have been revisiting "Shuiyue Dongtian", which is really so distressing. I used to think that this TV series is good-looking. I like peas and children's blogs. I like Tianxue and child wars. I hate Zhao Yun's viciousness and hate the weakness of Tianqi... Now I look at it carefully, but I have seen many different feelings. Not so much like Tong Bo, at least, I love peas a little more.

In the relationship between Peas and Tongbo, Peas undoubtedly paid too much. She loved her big brother enthusiastically. She didn't count, didn't mix interests, and couldn't give back... This heart of the heart, I can see Very touched, but her big brother owes her a lot. I know that Tong Bo is also very fond of peas, but he does not have much love with peas. Perhaps you will say that Tong Bo’s life is destined to be impossible for him to love someone without any scruples, but why is it so pitiful, why she will become a victim. A relationship, this should not be so careless, but the outsiders are more entangled than the authorities. In fact, the first half of the plot is simply sweet, and every time I see the interaction between Peas and Tongbo, my heart will be sprouted. Doudou never played cards according to common sense, only then met and asked "Children brother, you yell at me," and angered the big brother, and angered at the moon stars. The second brother of Tongda’s brother was conceived to be willing to lose his life... How can I not be liked?

Besides, Yin Tianxue, I don’t know how to evaluate her, my heart is deep, my martial arts is high, and the beautiful and weak people are hidden behind, but she is also a poor person. I think the screenwriter is very eccentric to her, and she is extraordinary when she comes out. It’s fast and hot, but we hate her. The story begins with Tianxue’s self-directed kidnapping drama. Her game with Zhao Yun is really wonderful. Then she and Tong Bo’s suspicion, which makes the child’s child boy fight, but she is just a little girl who is left out by her father. Moreover, because of the serious illness of stealing martial arts, we can easily forgive her, at least I am.

I have seen some comments before, saying that the peas are smashing into the children's war impulses, and the children's blogs are calm and restrained. In fact, they are more suitable, but I think that the complement of Tongbo and Peas, Tianxue and the children's war is more suitable. Peas, Tianxue and Zhao Yun are the three most important female characters in the play. They are reckless, straightforward, pure, enthusiastic, kind, and snowy, restrained, intelligent and gentle. Zhao Yun, I really don't want to say more. Re-reading the drama reviews I wrote, I still like peas, or I am willing to watch the water moon and the sky over and over again. I especially admire the persistence of Peas, and persistently love her big brother. Even if everyone else says that the big brother is dead, she still believes that she can wait for her sweetheart.

When I saw the second part, I was still distressed by Peas. The scriptwriter was too cruel to her. I finally came back to Tongda, but he recognized others as Peas. The second part of the pea seems to have some sacred women, deep and righteous and knowledgeable, mature, but not the smashing imperfect peas. Therefore, my grievances against Tong Bo are a little more.

I don't understand it. Is it true that love will come to the end? There is always a person's sacrifice and fulfillment, sacrificing one's temper and fulfilling each other's pride. It seems that I am full of complaints about Tong Da Ge, but I also like Tong Da Ge very much, smart and handsome gas stickers of the big brother, still love his own big brother, who does not like it. Two days ago, in "Jiangsu Jiangshan" and "Qin Shimingyue", I saw the long-lost Tongda brother, but it was a middle-aged uncle who worked hard, and was a little sentimental, but at least, it was still handsome.

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