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I have recently reviewed this drama. In general, this drama is no big name star, and it has no popularity. The style is also general. So I didn’t know when I first premiered on TV. They all looked for it online. When I first started watching, I didn’t really expect anything from this show. I can see that it’s especially wonderful after reading it. The overall atmosphere is also my favorite, not particularly depressed, nor malicious.

      I really like this drama very much. The male and female owners have always been IQ online. They don’t want the Madonna to be white, dare to love and hate. The supporting actors also have their own highlights. The actors are also basically acting online. The values are also in line with my aesthetic. Although it is not a fairy or the like, but it is also temperament, the plot is also very good, many people feel that the fantasy setting of the addition of the rainy family is not very good, I think it is not bad, just the rain family The three people who came out have some low IQs and special functions. The results are easy to be used by people, but the whole drama is also very positive.

       Shi Xiaolong’s male master, to be honest, is a bit chubby, but he wins in acting and praises. The whole person is particularly handsome. The whole drama is almost full of IQ online, and the force value is basically not dropped. The most like to use poison, the key is still used, the villain has been played for a lot of time, the key is the villain or IQ, the whole process is really enjoyable

      The male owner treats his feelings very well. He decides that he likes Liu Xing’s jade, but he does not know that Liu Xing is jade. He refused Liu Xing decisively. He knew the truth behind him and also knew the side of Liu Xing’s poison. I am sure that I love Liu Xing, but I still don't want to accept Liu Xing. The three views are really positive. After I figured it out, Liu Xing did regret it. I really accepted the man, so I accepted Liu Xing, and then I was I thought a lot about Liu Xing, and I really understood Liu Xing. Even after Liu Xing said all the truth, he was shocked, but he still stood on the side of Liu Xing and helped Liu Xing to ask Yu Ru’s pleading. Under such circumstances, I noticed the details of Liu Xing’s speech and realized that Liu Xing would be in danger. I would like to find a solution with Liu Xing. I really like this male master.

      Liu Xing is really embarrassing, cute and clever. This person is also particularly fond of me. However, although some of the actions of the female actor are quite enjoyable, they still can't agree. Liu Xing should not kill her innocently. When the friend's jade, the back also makes jade like a bone, this is also the cause of her tragedy, although I personally still hope that Liu Xing is alive, but rationally think that the final outcome is still very good.

      Liu Xing’s treatment of emotional problems is also very decisive and decisive. It’s especially cool for people to look at, but in the early stage, it’s really close to Ma Feng. But there is really no feeling for Ma Feng. I know that I’ve got the wrong person, and it’s better than turning the book. Fast, Ma Feng is the feeling outside the whole situation. For the injured Ma Feng, it is even more rational to judge that Ma Feng is a dangerous existence and does not want to have any entanglement with Ma Feng. It is very decisive to say that he wants to see death, because Ma Feng Pretending to be an autumn phoenix, it hurts Liu Xing to kill the wrong person, finds the wrong object, and makes the problem between himself and the man become complicated. Seeing Ma Feng directly puts Ma Feng on a skunk, although he feels that Liu Xing sometimes It’s a bit too much, but it’s still excusable, and it’s really cute, it’s really cool to handle things.

       The mode of coexistence between men and women is also particularly interesting. The male master does not know that the jade he likes is the female host. The female owner likes the male owner and cannot tell the male truth. Therefore, the male lord is always rejected by the male lord. But the female host is particularly strong and still a bit rogue, so it is really fun to get along with each other. The female host pretends to wait for the male lord to ask her to stay. As a result, the male lord let her ride on her faster; the female owner is injured. The man is tempted to leave. In fact, he still hopes that the man will let her stay, but the man is also angry and does not open. Finally, the woman is very stunned, it is too talented; the man cannot forgive the woman. Heart palpitations and jade-like things, but do not want the woman to use the hostess’s things to let the female owner eat the antidote because of the temper and not to take the antidote. As a result, the female actor fooled the male lord by doing the trick, so that it is not artificial. I have an IQ of wits and I’m really cool.

       The most pitiful of the whole drama should be Deng Yuru's father and daughter. Yu Ru is also innocent. He doesn't know anything. He looks at a fake male owner and wants to kill her at any time. He thought he met his childhood friend and happily pulled it. I went to my own friends and ended up in the hands of my friends. In the end, even the bones were gone. Deng Dinghou estimated that Yu is like this relative, and her daughter died, lived and died, and finally no bones. Save, he is not crazy, but fortunately, although Liu Xing is dead in the hands of Deng Dinghou, but personally think that this thing really can not blame him, after all, Liu Xing's actions on Yu Ru, he as a father really Hard to relieve

      The most perverted affirmation of Ma Feng is undoubtedly, many tragedies, in fact, he really wants to bear the greatest responsibility. He does not act as a male lord, the female lord will not kill jade, and the female lord will not deceive his feelings. He also I will not be more and more mad, killing the female lord, and the female lord will be able to recognize the eternal confession for a few days, and the eternal life will still lose her mother.

     Although the post-simple is really blind, I like Ma Feng so much, but her feelings are really very moving. "Probably you are the most evil person in the eyes of the world, but I still love you." Feng is the poppy in the post-simple heart, knowing that it will ruin himself, but still stuck in it.

     The happiest thing is that Gao Li and the pair are right. It’s really a lover who will eventually become a genus. Although both have a birthmark on his face and his eyes are invisible, it is really a good girl who is understanding, kind and atmospheric.

     The anti-factures are also in place. Although Ximenyu is a big villain, but the various protagonists are also pitiful, and some of the killers are also a hundred, but cruel, the real painting is very good.

     I also liked the OP and ED of this drama. When I first read the drama, I checked the relevant information and said that I had to shoot the other six weapons. I was happy at that time. Later I learned that the company has closed down. I also know that Shuiyue Dongtian, Juvenile King, love through time and space, and this drama are actually a company. I have carefully calculated many of the dramas I have seen before. I still like it very much except TVB. It’s a pity that the company’s work is going to be closed down and the other six weapons are finished and closed down...

      I really miss the various types of dramas before, the story online, most of the actors acting online, a lot of real kung fu actors

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