Why did Zhang Xiaojing, who failed in Changan Twelve Hours, come back in minutes?

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Changan 12-hour director Cao Dun was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. He must have his own understanding and attachment to the hot land of Chang'an (Xi'an). In this way, Cao Dun’s “Changan 12 Hours” version restored Chang’an’s prosperity and strong customs.

In fact, he did a great job in the last TV series "The Sea Ranch Cloud." We can find that the actors in Cao Dun's works have no thick foundation and no stricter filtering mode. The skin lines are clearly visible, just like the general picture of a movie, a very strong sense of penetration, can be said to be full of sincerity!


At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, it was already very desolate (from 9 am to 11 am), but throughout the Tang Dynasty, Tianbao Sanzai was already at sunset. Some of the seeds at night actually fell into Chang'an before sunset.

At the right time, the little official stood on the city building in Xi Shi, beat the drums and opened the market. Xi Shi officially announced that the curfew of Chang'an City was lifted within 12 hours of the last Lunar New Year. Merchants from the Western Region can move freely. At this time, the Turkish Guard sneaked into Chang'an City and planned a good case.


If Changan is regarded as an inspiring professional drama for 12 hours, then Xiao Jing can be regarded as a leading role in his career. From the perspective of Changan's workplace survival principle, Xiao will analyze why he did not start his own business in a few minutes, and then pull the beautiful people back to start again. To the zenith of life.


First of all, Zhang Xiaojing, who once went to sea, is an outstanding performer. After Li Biejie’s younger brother was rescued from death row, the “five Yan Ross”, a bad commander in the Western Region for ten years and nine years, is still full of disgust.


Since Li Bi had a heart-to-heart talk with him, he was awed by this ambitious teenager. He worshipped in the dust of his brother and became Li Zhi’s most loyal left and right arm.

I respect my brother in society, but few people speak cruelly. When solving the case, Zhang Xiaojing did not say much. Always Li Wei pointed out where to fight, and never been embarrassed. If necessary, he will give Li Bi some constructive suggestions based on Li Wei’s last “entrepreneurial experience”.

When Li Bi investigated the benefactor of the Pingkang girl, Long Bo, Zhang Xiaojing, the main person in charge of the case, said frankly that she could not investigate the details of the girl in an ordinary way, let alone the news of Longbo from her mouth. Pingkangfang is known as the underground of Chang'an and its water depth is difficult to measure. Pingkang Fangqinglou is a mixture of fish and dragon. The women in the party were blessed by local officials. Finally, Zhang Xiaojing applied for his method to investigate the whereabouts of Longbo.


One of the most important factors that Zhang Xiaojing rolled up the soil at such a fast speed was that he was very popular. Li Bi is very grateful to Zhang Xiaojing, but Zhang Xiaojing’s reason for seeing the world again is due to Xu Bin, a master of Jing’an Temple who is good at big case reasoning. He used a big case to speculate that Zhang Xiaojing was the best candidate to replace Cui Liulang. In fact, Zhang Xiaojing and Xu Bin have been good friends for many years. Zhang Xiaojing has this confidant, no regrets in this life!

Many friends, many roads, many hidden piles, more clues. Zhang Xiaojing has been a bad guy for nine years. Although he is on death row, his dark bet is still spread throughout Chang'an City. In order to open Ding's pupil, Zhang Xiaojing agreed to the conditions of the owner of the underground city, Ge Lao, and spared no effort to exchange life with the dark interests he planted next to Ge. Before and after the death of Zhang Xiaojing, there were two hidden piles that were willing to die. Before Zhang Xiaoyi’s death, there was a sentence with tears: Xiao Yi’s performance was not good, and Zhang Shuai could still be satisfied! It’s a lot of people’s tears! This is really a big problem for people!


There is gold everywhere, and Yan Luo will restore his dignity. From a workplace perspective, Zhang Xiaojing, who has failed, can still realize the value of his career within 12 hours.

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