TV series [The Silent Truth] There is no one person’s acting skills

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Too many domestic TV series like to play fancy things, the plot is not well organized, and always work hard in other places. The plot is not enough for bgm to come together. The actor's expression is not in place and the voiceover singer starts to sing, as if holding the audience's collar and shouting at you: cry! Are you not moved? So cruel, right? Exhausted, spit on the star child's face. The actor has a slightly obvious little action or expression. The close-up can't wait to go up and last for fifteen minutes, just a few words next to it: Please pay attention to the acting here. Too boring, too boring.

The plot in the silent truth and the emotions in the pictures are not full, so the plot at the beginning is still in the foreshadowing stage, and the characters are not yet complete, so many people are used to the so-called "explosion point" who are used to seeing them. "The audience of the full play has a warm feeling, not bad, but it feels a little bit owed. But after this kind of restrained emotion is spread out in the plot, the contrast brought by the slightly cruel plot and restrained shots for the characters in the play can bring the audience a deeper feeling.

After watching it, I remained silent for a long time, feeling angry, unfair, and helpless. After being too fragile, Jiang Yang and Zhu Wei used their lives to fight against the world, only to get justice, which requires some luck to be late. If there is no judicial progress, no appearance of Yan Liang, no media and no internet, everything they do will still be a bubble. Therefore, I admire the character of Chen Mingzhang more in the whole play. He has secrets in his heart, waiting for the timing, making precise shots, and at the same time, I can smell danger and protect myself.

We speak of "following the trend" because objectively speaking, our own small power is not enough to contend with the general trend. No matter how we calculate, contrarian is a loss-making business. To be a person without "obsession" is not necessarily weak and incompetent, perhaps because of a higher philosophy of life. However, this world needs such people to use their bravery to give us a sap. Tell us that there are still people in the world who simply insist on justice. The oaths that were originally taken are not just talking. It turns out that some things are more important than living.

The appearance of some people should serve as benchmarks, stand there and tell everyone that this is our belief. Jiang Yang is such a character. In the last episode, it was Jiang Yang that made me cry. The acting skills of every actor burst. Looking back at everything Jiang Yang had done, and thinking of the beliefs that Zhang Wei said, it was later realized that Jiang Yang was a thorough hero. It is his courage that has infected so many people and finally would rather bear jail to promote righteousness. They are not dark ones, they are the guardians of justice. Jiang Yang sacrificed his life to justice. I used my circle of friends to spread Jiangyang's deeds.

This drama does not have one person's acting skills to pull the hips, and even the average acting skills are above 90 points. I remember a detail. Jiang Yang arrested Wang Haijun. When the case progressed again, Li Jianguo stepped forward and cut Hu. At that time, he felt that Li Jianguo had changed. He was not so strong. There seemed to be something unspeakable. Looking back, Sure enough, Li Jianguo was threatened. And after Jiang Yang was released from prison, he was decadent and sluggish. He was cautiously and pitiful when drinking. He held a wine glass and listened to people talking. He couldn't drink and didn't dare to let it go. He was cautious and humble, making it hard not to think about his experiences over the years. What happened. But after being diagnosed with cancer, he recovered a bit of energy and spirit, and he was not so restrained. There was a little meaning to let go before he came. The actors handle all the details very well.

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