Silent Witness - Typical TVB Style Police Film

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In general, the typical TVB-style police film, the cooperation between Hong Kong and the land makes it a strange sense of harmony.

The blessing of the Tobbon Bunny Film Festival, Zhou Tian saw the silent witnesses ahead of the scene. At the end of the movie, the lights slowly lit up, and my head was filled with the sound of Jolin’s fight. Before I read a literary critic, I must write a book review and a film review. I must have my own point of view. I don’t have to agree with others, but I have to convey your opinions to others. Otherwise, a piece of flattening is to make garbage. Ok, back to this "silent witness", I think this movie is good or bad, but the bugs of the plot are everywhere, and some lines are awkward.

Let me talk about it first. I have not seen dear love, unlike this cute and clever silly white, Yang Zi can be regarded as suffering in the silent witness. All kinds of shoulders fell, fell from the table, climbed the ventilation ducts, although it was not so smart, but I dare to fight, dare to fight, do not admit defeat, I really like it. After watching the movie, I said in a circle of friends that Yang Zi played a violent Arita. This dress is fresh and lovely, the body is thin and straight, the lens of the fight is not dragging the water, I played 2 stars because of the surprise performance of Yang Zi's sister. 

Then talk about the three uncles, Zhang Jiahui, Ren Xianqi, Guo Jinan, the performance of the uncles is remarkable. Uncle Jiahui’s cold temperament is like a forensic doctor who regards life and death as an ant. Ren Xianqi, who has been a long-time old man, has filled his role with the gambler's boldness and the police's decisiveness. I believe that after this film (a friend said that the tree is also such a character), he should have many similar roles. Is it a successful transformation? Guo Jinan, I really want to say that no matter what role he plays, he will give me a feeling that he is the character from beginning to end. The vitality that he gave to this character is derived from the screen into my head. Maybe TVB sees too much. With a lot of subjective emotions going in, Guo Jinan represents the growth path of good actors, from pleasing to profound, and has been doing a good filming for decades.

Ok, there are a lot of points that you don't like. The whole film is in a forensic laboratory. Three well-trained and experienced police officers can't beat a forensic doctor who only takes a knife and a girl who only has police school experience? The scene of the fight and the lines of the brothers and policemen were too stupid and ignorant. Then, there are too many films for mask robbery, and I feel that I have no spare power to appreciate. Also, returning to the theme of the movie, the role of the police and the gangsters, if you can give some dark backgrounds of social background and humanity, you will probably feel more after reading.

Ok. A lot of nonsense is finished. Frankly speaking, I like a movie, I like the surprises and thoughts that it brings to me. Life is so rigid, and it makes me risk in the world of movies.

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