[European version] bright sword - sharp edged sheath Knives Out

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Knife Out, just like the title, the truth in the film is also like a sharp blade, which is presented to the audience. The electric image was extremely stunned by the werewolf. The audience sat in the judge's chair at the beginning, and after seeing everything about the woman, she entered a more complicated situation with her perspective.

At the beginning of the film, the audience was presented to a remote and unpredictable villa. The coffee cup with the words "MY HOUSE, MY ROLES, MY COFFEE" was placed on the top floor. The weird decorations were quickly inserted and announced. The identity of the owner of this house. The servant pushed the door open, and the owner, Harlan Sloan, fell to the bed and blood flowed.

An old man, the center of family power, was found dead on the second day after his 85th birthday party. Every family member attending the party was suspected. The audience will return to the villa with the restless female host, and she will be inquired by the police. Afterwards, the interrogation was a confession after "Daylight", but the difference was that almost everyone lied and concealed what they saw and heard. Even a family is inevitably splashing each other.

At the beginning, I thought it was an Agatha-style reasoning movie. The retro British style also has a tribute. So when the family members were interrogated, I did not distinguish between the truth and which one is the word. As Mata's thoughts put things in the air, I realized that the film's perspective was open, even against Agatha's narrative. In the story of Agatha, every character hides himself in a strict manner. Only the protagonists are together and they are each broken after the conflict. The "Leading of the Blade" will put the appearance of the role in the beginning and The work done was presented to the audience. During the interrogation, they lied to the police and did not affect the direction of the story and the audience's understanding of them.

In particular, Mata recalled the whole thing before answering the question. Her story was too complete and coherent, and the audience thought they had a holistic view. From this point on, the audience's attention has always been on how Martha conceals the truth. Detective Blanc plays the role of “prophet.” He collects a lot of information and at the beginning decides that Harlan is not simply suicide. The twist between him and Marta became the main contradiction until the real "werewolf" appeared. It is not spoiled here who is this "werewolf".

A car chase code was inserted into the film, and the audience's vision followed the female host to jump out of the villa and go outside, which is rare in the killing reasoning film. The final reversal came as a matter of course, but this paragraph was not close enough to the previous one. Blanc, the prophet, did not spit out the truth until the end. Although it was reasonable, I personally felt that I could barely accept it. Until then, the "judges" and the "civilians" knew the truth of the matter.

What surprised me the most about this film is that it abandoned the traditional reasoning routine and adopted a narrative approach of “pseudo-omniscience perspective”. Even if the protagonist's experience is so complete, it is not the truth of the matter (although I think this setting has a deliberate feeling, designed to cater to this narrative effect). There are a lot of foreshadowing in the movie, and every turning point can be found in front of it.

As for the soundtrack, it can be said that the suspense is produced to the greatest extent, and there is no deliberate surprise. The whole film's punchline distribution is very reasonable, so that the audience as a "judge" always has a pleasant watching mood.

Finally, talk about the political metaphor of this film. In this large white family, which is supported by an old man, everyone has a ghost. The conceited daughter, the derailed son-in-law, only thinks about the parasitic useless son, the daughter-in-law who cheated money every month. Like every reasoning drama, every family in Harlan is a self-serving parasite. Compared with Harlan’s death, they are more concerned about the inheritance of inheritance. In such a large white family, different political positions distinguish them, and the “extreme right-handed Nazi child” who is always on the mobile phone is always in favor of the “legal defender” of anti-immigration policy, expressing sympathy. "Freedom Snow White", when their interests are not violated, they all put a high-profile attitude, "care" and "understand" the care workers and servants with a middle class's inherent charity (they are all immigrants) But when their interests are threatened, they immediately become hysterical. The ultimate "werewolf" will not hesitate to kill his family for the sake of inheritance. On the contrary, as the immigrant woman Marta, she is kind and simple, it is her character that makes the case successfully cracked. It is not difficult to see that this is a spicy satire on the "white supremacy" and the Trump administration, which is one of the reasons why the film sparked heated discussions in North America.

Finally, the truth came to the fore. The family stood downstairs and looked back at the woman who finally won the balcony. The "MY HOUSE, MY ROLES, MY COFFEE" on the coffee cup in her hand made me clap my hands.

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