[Classic Review] Mechanic - Jason Statham

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In the midst of the intensive killer film, there is such a film that is not only winning by killing scenes. The name of the mechanic, as the killer's acting style depicted in the film, is calm, precise, cruel, like the killing skills and the killer, the bottom line and conscience are also principled. Europe has mercenaries since ancient times, and then there are bounty hunters, so far is the killing machine for the money, or this is the last river in modern society, come out to mix, after all, it is necessary to return, the three generations of killers in the film, the enmity and intertwined, it seems In fulfilling the fate of a profession. The natural killer knows the most natural killer. Revenge is the key to the task. The film seems to give the answer, and it seems that there is no answer. Into the rivers and lakes, there is no possibility of withdrawal, obsessed with money and blood, can only stick to a lonely life, no friends, no assistants, no mentor, all alone. In the end, it is still your life and death. When a person becomes a machine, it seems that he has forgotten the original intention of the task. Not revenge, what is it? Remove tissue pests? Still being fooled, is it always the machinery of others? This is a discussion of professional ideas and professional ethics. It can be a mechanic, a killer, or an ordinary person. You think that you are just living, even how much for justice, in completing tasks, or for heaven, but the task is always asking you questions, right? Sometimes a profession is a trap that makes people sink deep, can't stop, and even be deprived of everything by it. At the moment of being destroyed by the profession, you can escape and escape. If you are not a genius or have a plan, it is almost impossible to resurrect. 

The protagonist is chilly in all directions, absolutely masculine, dress, language, movement, male meticulous, deep understanding of human nature (super psychologist, even more powerful than killing skills), and the action plan is impeccable (every task is cloud-like The means of forgery on the spot), such a rigid symbol, must have the opposite side to set off, the waitress for the nightclub girl, the handling of the task props, the intimidation of the girl’s mercy, the boat and the boatman in the harbor It takes the role of a mentor when you are guilty of a person (or it can be said that it is safest to leave the danger around you), like a series of soft notes and delicate tangled flowers, around the protagonist and the main line, making the characters appear Rich, character becomes hierarchical, and the story is deeper and more connotative.

Jason Statham grasped this role with ease, unobtrusive cool handsome, just the right facial expression, just let the audience see the changes in the character's heart. Ben Foster’s performance was slightly over-conceived, trying to portray an image of a wine-loving and provocative prostitute who is not happy with his father, more susceptible to his father’s complex feelings, and more like a young man’s haze than a young man. The same is too self-confident, the task has been messed up repeatedly and still not knowing, do not know that ginger is still old and spicy, thinking that he can easily get out of blue, so that his behavior track is clearly understood by Master, self-destruction. What is destroyed with the character is his simple impulse to revenge. Or a warning to young people. Life is not so simple, and the profession is not what you want. If you don't want to be killed too early, or you are humble, you still need more understanding, observation and sincere respect for your predecessors. Don't think that the people who teach you owe you (you owe me), don't think that you can beat the people who teach you. 

Finally, this film is very good, that is, the grass snake gray line, everywhere in the foreshadowing. There is a netizen's film that is very fine (it's up to you). The above also mentions the dangers left around, so I won't go into details. There are some foreshadowings in the film, and it seems a waste if I just look at the main line. Especially the nightclub girl (very attractive, and the charm of the male owner, one yin and one yang) and the boat and the old man watching the boat, may be used in the second part. 

The whole film is a simple tough guy's action film style. If you don't take the cool wind and don't spend your fists and embroidered legs, basically solve it with a few strokes. From the action style to the plot setting, it is clean and neat, and it looks very cool.

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