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With the release of Frozen 2 in 2019 and a $ 200 million investment, this original IP animation from Disney has taken it to another level. Although the plot is slightly flawed, in terms of special effects CG, art composition, soundtrack presentation, etc., it can be called the ultimate artwork in animation.

Due to the difference between shooting methods and live-action movies, cartoons often have wanton fantasy scenes and exaggerated character movements and images. Whether it is the colorful new world of the primitive people, or the vocal campus of Monster University, these imaginative characters or scenes can exist without changing the image and color of the story.

Most of the fantasy scenes in Frozen come from the ice magic of sister Elsa. Sister is not the protagonist and the appearance time is not much, but every appearance, accompanied by flying snowflakes, can impress the audience immensely. Because the snow and ice of my sister are not simply magic spells, they are my sister's heart. When they are happy, they are magnificent and magnificent buildings composed of large pieces of geometry; when they are anxious, they twist and struggle, like thorns; when they are happy, they softly shine, and they decorate every part of the castle; when they are sad, they roar violently , And finally stood still in the air, as if also distressed for her sister.

Aisha explored herself in the first episode, and found her own destination in the second episode. The queen of the Snow Queen was once again awesome, and the audience at the premiere screamed [Love You]. The film shaped Anna! Anna is still brave, optimistic, cheerful, and unconditionally in love with her sister. Although she has no magic, she can calmly cope with problems and go ahead and do the right thing. These two Disney female characters will definitely inspire many children, probably the biggest significance of this film

The progress of the second plot is much stronger than that of the first one. The picture is clear and fresh, fresh and fragrant. The beauty of the whole movie seems to be one with Aisha and Anna. Before the film was released, the only thing that Qianfu referred to was the ending of the music and the plot, or the same thing without the lord. These things are the biggest reasons for Disney movies being scored low. Mickey Mouse can't help it, after all, this is a big animation throughout the year.

The 11 songs in the second song are totally different from the one in the first "Let It Be". Each of the emotions expressed in the 11 songs is not only shocking and changeable. Each capital is deeply rooted and inviting. Of course, it is also very beautiful. The more Anna will think of Aisha, she will never be crazy, never selfish, and never give up. Aisha's ice magic is super degenerating, no matter the dress or magic means is super beautiful, brilliant. Ice magic is really more aristocratic, it is the most romantic means of the magic world. Whenever the ice is full, a maple leaf symbolizing Anna is passing by, and even the millennium cold will gradually warm, as if the spring breeze hits, warming people's hearts.

Anna is a well-protected princess. She has an elder sister with powerful magic. Many times, she can protect and take good care of her. She also has Xuebao's company. Her boyfriend's love is in happiness. Growing. But all of a sudden, my sister was frozen and Xuebao, a close friend, went with her, and her boyfriend couldn't help herself. Anna is trapped in the dark cave. She is not seeing the exit light. She is just busy sorrowing for her loss of protection and company. Excessive sorrow will overwhelm a person's spirit. Fortunately she stands She got up. Although the cave was very dangerous, she took her steps bravely. Although it would be very dangerous to lead the giant to smash the dam, but this was her only choice. She persisted with her teeth. The magic spell was finally broken and the dense fog was dispersed.

I am deeply touched by Anna's story. As we grow up, we are protected by our parents, our teachers, and our friends. We grew up so warm and happy. But after graduating from college, I suddenly discovered that your parents can't give you much protection, and no teacher will tell you exactly what you are going to do. The old friends in the past also began to scatter everywhere to fight for their lives Struggle, you are the only one, and you have to take responsibility for every decision you make.

I was confused and confused for a long time. I was afraid to make a decision and to take that first step. What if I chose the wrong direction? Doing administration or doing scientific research, entering a business or staying in college, going to an internship or studying for a PhD, has been bothering me since I chose to study, and I still dare not confirm whether every decision I make is necessarily correct. But what I can be sure of is, do the next right thing! I don't need to think far, far, I just need to do what I believe is right. As long as life is progressing, I will eventually live as I want!

Overall, it's good, wonderful is wonderful, but it's not perfect, maybe because the expectations for the second part are too long, so I don't want to look at it with harsh eyes. As for why to score five points, this is out of selfishness.

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