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Watching this show still needs to find a calm mood and patience. It seems likely that there will be no interest in continuing to watch. Fortunately, I was only attracted by the Douban score to watch this show, so I have to look forward to it in advance. I have patience, but fortunately I did not disappoint my expectations. The male lead is shining, and I will be blinded. The male second is also very good. It is the boy and child's main character, Huang Yuxuan, who is easier to like in reality. This kind of self-confidence emanates from the bones, I think it's hard for such a girl to be disliked.

It is also an extreme negative comparison with Chen Yunru (another female lead). This reminds me of Chen Yunru ’s 17th birthday wish: "I hope that one day, I can become the kind of girl you (Li Ziwei) would like." Maybe God heard the soul of Huang Yuxuan when he heard it, or maybe Li Ziwei was destined to fall in love with Huang Yuxuan, no matter what form. This love that never changes over time without fear of life and death is exactly what we humans have been singing for since ancient times. Who said that this is not a kind of girl's heart, so people can't stop it. Coupled with suspense that is quite characteristic of Korean dramas, bullying on campus, psychological turbulence and retro elements in youth, the old rural style in the play, there are not too many high-rise buildings, sports car luxury houses and other luxury elements. Soda shop, record hall, motorcycle and vegetable garden. It is these simpler elements of life that are closer to ordinary people, which help us to integrate into the story, and let the audience quietly follow the protagonist's emotional line and substitute for their own thoughts or memories. I really envy that I can love someone so passionately.

When I first saw it, I felt that the plot was a bit confusing, and even felt that there were a lot of memories, but these were not the so-called plots. Each memory is inextricably linked to the subsequent plots, which are intertwined. Don't fast forward or skip when you are watching. In this case, you will only understand more. So far, I've brushed this show three times, the first time, as everyone said, the front is a bit messy, I don't know what the plot is talking about. But I still watched it, and the later the show became clearer and clearer, I could even think of the points I didn't understand before.

In fact, you do n’t have to go through one or two episodes at all. The front is really good. Although you are confused, but you want to keep watching. The next episode is really more attractive than the episode. The brain of the screenwriter is really terrible. The female lead actress is also good, performing two different people, Chen Yunru and Huang Yuxuan are completely the feeling of two people, and both roles will be distressing. The value of the face is also more and more pleasing to the eye, after watching some interviews, it is better than the drama. The male lead really felt that Li Ziwei's youth was rushing to his face, and Wang Quansheng was also shocked when he saw the young man outside. "Hopefully the world will be different one day and it will no longer be strange no matter who I like"

Honestly, Wu Bai's song is too much. If I didn't intersperse this song all the time, I might not get through the wonderful plot later. Wu Bai was really caught in the imitation programs of those years. He paid too much attention to his image and vocalizations, but instead ignored his songs and the feelings he wanted to convey, and he would listen to them in the future. I haven't finished the show yet, to be honest, I want to talk about it, but after I finish watching it, I will continue to comment on it.

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