[Mu Baishou] Ren Jialun has another new drama that looks better than "Under the Jin Yi"!

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First of all, this drama has a good texture. The real scenery is really good. The costume style of Mu Baishou is online, which will not make people play a strong retro martial arts taste. The original screen shot of the real scene, the real beauty of the real scene can not be compared with the special effects, the play is so clean and beautiful. Do I really have to give the director a big praise? Whether it is a play or a sweet play, it is very real! From the beginning Lin Jing rescued Rongli, to Rongli’s father to kill Linjing, to Linjing to teach Rongli to dance swords, to Lin Jingyu to rescue Rongli, it looks very realistic, I can’t find words to praise special effects and write scenes La!

This drama martial arts refers to the teachers of Shuiyuedongtian and the legend of the spirit realm. Both of these dramas are very outstanding and have a good reputation. I have not been disappointed after watching two episodes of Mubai. Ren Jialun, who is good at killing eyes, is transformed into Lin Jing/Na Lanyue to lift Zhang Huiwen's Rongyu. Ying Yishao's Rong Su Li Yitong's costume is also too handsome. Lu Yizhou, played by male sophomore Guo Hao Lin, is currently online. All the old drama bone acting skills are online, so far there is no problem with editing. The live-action shooting was well received, and there was no blurry background to play, and it looked very comfortable. There are very few heroes in such costumes, and they are super cute, and the plot rhythm is very fast! Ren Jialun gave me another surprise. Without the shadow of the previous role, acting is really good. There are very few scenes of Lin Jing in the opening title, the martial arts after Lan Yue's enchantment is even more ruthless, and the contradictions of the various major schools escalate. Twilight's first film was well received, and enthusiastic martial arts enthusiasts were very satisfied with the drama. This drama is big enough to star in the role, as small as supporting roles in martial arts play, you are working hard. All the staff are black lotus honeycomb, only the audience is silly and sweet. Before watching the show, I was Mu Tangchun, after watching the show, I was Mu Tang

The heroine is finally not stupid and sweet. The hero has an IQ online. Everyone has a distinct personality. It’s good. Operation, the rhythm is called a fast, haha~ but obviously the plot is too jumpy, maybe because of the cut, such as the acquaintance process of the male and female masters, the background is almost absent, and it is easy to get close quickly. The drama suit is good, the live-action shooting is praised, the scene is very beautiful, the filter is normal, so looking at the pretty good female protagonist girl background, the acting is quite good, and unlike other actresses like awl face, beautiful goose egg face , Very recognizable, the second lady who plays is cute and does not lose her spirit, the main thing is not stupid and sweet, flexible, and rare~

In the first episode, Lin Jing has a monologue that roughly means that he wants to seize this opportunity. The hero rescue at the beginning was actually a good show arranged by Lin Jing, the purpose of which was to get close to Rongli. The following series of provocations were just to allow Rongli to trust himself and make Rongli think that Lin Jing was close to himself. I like myself for no other purpose. Only in this way can Lin Jing enter the Longyin City under the banner of Rongyu to find the truth about his father's death! From the above analysis, Lin Jing actually regarded Rongli as a chess piece at first, and he had no feelings of admiration. As for whether Rongli was emotional at the outset of Lin Jing, I think this is for sure Yes, after all, Lin Jing rescued himself and coaxed himself everywhere, no matter which girl I think, I should like such a boy.

Actors acting online, have watched Ren Jialun's "Under the Jinyi" and Zhang Huiwen's "Wind Up Changlin", Master Lu and Lin Xi are my favorite characters. The two actors also performed very well. In this drama, both actors challenged roles that had a big contrast with their previous works. Ren Jialun played Lin Jing’s sullen spirits and Xiao Clancy’s performance very well. It’s not very embarrassing but natural. Sometimes there are more small expressions. But it was cute, and he would laugh out of sight when he saw his part. Zhang Huiwen's interpretation of the hostess is also very smart and lively, not stupid and white sweet IQ online. So far, the rival dramas of the male and female heroes are still very good. When the male and female two watched the trailer before, they thought it was not bad in the general drama. The male two's style similar to that of the Tang monk was very funny. The female second's face would feel a little unnatural but the character's character still passed.

Finally, I said the shortcomings and regrets I think. I think it’s okay to wear simple clothes, but makeup looks not suitable for the two leading actors? The hairstyle can be improved, but the male or female host is not suitable. But the hairstyles of the two guys in the later period really won my heart. There is also that lighting, I feel not very good. The last thing is that the male host started to deliberately approach the female host, right? I understood it this way, but I deliberately approached it, and later became like it, as if I didn't find an excessive place. The emotional lines of the second male and the second female are also a bit quick.

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